Hi there,  I was wondering, I had a pretty large & nasty looking bruise on the side of my thigh 2-3 years ago; it was partly purple & partly yellow - it was pretty unsightly..lol..Do bruises, especially large ones like the one I had, lead to blood clots in the area that the bruise is located in?  hope u can shed some light on this.

         Thank you

Hello dan,
Warm welcome to you!
In your case there are chances that the clot which formed below the bruise didnt get dissolved (retracted) over time because sometimes when you get a large bruise, the vessels below the area get so much damaged that the chamicals required for clot removal/retraction wont reach the area at all. For clot retraction/removal there needs to be proper blood supply to the area. If blood circulation is blocked then there are chance that clot remaining there only for years n years n becomes like a solid mass.

Is this clot appeared newly?

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