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Hello, my son has Factor V Leiden. He is been on blood-thinners for DVT for a year and a haft now but the blood clots are still forming inspite on him taking the blood-thinners. Any advice you could give us would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Alex,
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For understanding why clots are being formed inspite of taking coumadin(blood thinners), you need to know that Factor V leiden is a genetic disorder and no permanent cure is there for the condition. And doctors can only manage the condition by dissolving the clots but cant prevent the clots from forming because in this condition, Factor V Leiden(A genetic variant of normal factor V) doesnt get degraded by Protein C after its work is done. It remains in the circulation and keep promoting the coagulation process leading to formation of clots. So all we can do is manage it with coumadin n other anticoagulants. The condition can not be controlled by diet restriction and all. But DVT can be prevented by avoiding sitting or standing or sleeping for long time in the same position. Also the person should maintain healthy weight as obesity can also trigger DVT.

I hope this helps.

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