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QUESTION: Hi, i recently had a poor diet 2 years ago but i am eating fine now and my iron level has raised again. although i am eating fine and my period is not heavy my iron level seems to still drop after a while again. why is this?

ANSWER: Hello Ali,
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If your iron level keeps dropping again and again then you should check it three levels. One there may be problems in absorption or your there may be problem with liver and spleen you should get it checked or there may be internal blood loss from gastro intestinal tract. So you should get examined for all these. Are you having any other symptoms? If there please mail. So that i can make a diagnosis.

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QUESTION: thank you for the answer. there arent any other symptoms other than headaches that i keep getting only when my iron drops? i dont want to keep taking iron tablets cause i feel they cold be damaging my system.

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You tend to get headaches when iron level is low because you become anemic. Which leads to increased blood flow to your head causing headache. But we need to find out the root cause of recurrent anemia. So please send answers to following questions.

1. Do you have any ongoing infection?
2. Any abdominal pain?
3. History of intestinal worms?
4. Fever, chills?
5. Swelling in legs?
6. Change in urine color/quantity?
7. How is your appetite?
8. Giddiness on suddenly gettin up?
9. Change in skin color?
10. Color of feces? Any change in bowel habits?

If you answer to my questions I will definitely guide you what tests you need to get done.

Ok, Take care. Have a good day. Bye.

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QUESTION: I do not have any ongoing infection that i know of. I got abdominal pain only when i was on my period which is a lot slower than normal now and non of the others and i am eating much better now. I did however notice that occasionally and not often, I would get contractions of some of my organs but not very serious this could be randomly when getting up or something? I do not know if this could mean something?

Hi Ali,
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The contractions of internal organs might be a sign of mild calcium deficiency. But since you dont show any serious illness, all i can predict is your diet is poor in iron content/ you may be taking foods which inhibit the absorption of iron like calcium or drugs which reduce the acidity of stomach. Also vitamin C plays a major role in absorption of iron. So try eating foods rich in vitamin C.

If you have doubts about your health you get checked by a physician. Probably you may have autoimmune disease called celiac disease. Or intestinal worms causing bleeading internally.

Anyway if you have further queries you can contact me. My mail

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