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Hi Dr. Kulkarni,

Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

I had labs done and I don't really understand them. Can you please give your opinion.

Elevated RBC & HGB
RBC 5.0 (>4.97)
HGB 15.1 (>14.9)
Low UIBC 204 (214-305)

Elevated Alpha 2 globulin
1.5 (>1.0)
Low a/g ratio
.8 (<1.3)
M Spike (was .5 now at 1)
IgG Kappa

Low calcium 8.4
Normal kidney panel
Low magnesium 1.7
High chloride 110
the rest of CMP = normal

Previous to these recent labs, my CBC has been off for a while so this elevation isn't a fluke.

RBC 5.36 (>5.22)
Hct 46.2 (>44.0)

December was elevated as well but I cannot find the exact numbers (I apologize)Please note my ferritin was normal on all panels.

Should I be concerned about the elevations of my RBC/Hgb/Hct? Or perhaps is this normal for me as I do exercise everyday. I'm no Lance Armstrong, but I walk - jog.

Also, I know I am considered MGUS - but is there anything else you can shed light on with the weird protein in  my blood and does that coincide with the elevated RBCs?

Thank you!!

Have an amazing day.


Hello Megan!
Warm welcome to you!
Are you the same 'Megan' who had mailed me about the baby having bruises?

Anyway, at this point are you having any clinical symptoms? You should tell if any symptoms you are facing. So that it can be clinically co-related with the lab results. Otherwise, all I can say is the light variation in RBC n Hematocrit is normal. Are you having any breathing problems these days? Low UIBC means slight anemia. Even Dehydration can give variation in the count of RBC and Hematocrit. But Definitely low albumin globulin ratio suggests that your liver is weak either because of infection or some other reason. Also your serum electrolyte levels shows there is acidosis going on in  your body. So to clinically co-relate, please send your symptoms.

Which weird protein you are asking about?

Take care. Have a great day. Bye


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