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Hematology/hematological clearance


My daughter underwent a series of laboratory tests as a prerequisite for her employment. Everything was normal except for her neutrophils which were found to be at .39. which is lower than the normal range of .5 - .70.  They did the test a 2nd time and results yielded was the same.  Now, they require a "hematological clearance" from a different doctor in a different hospital.  What does a "hematological clearance" mean?  Thank you.

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The neutrophiles are lowered in certain infections like influenza, typhus, tuberculosis. These disease can be contagious and can have high rate of mortality if they cause a pandemic. So during employment they will test the blood. Hematological clearance means a certified doctor should testify that the lowered neutrophile count is not due to any infection or does not pose a threat to co-workers, by conducting physical examination, consultation and if required some special investigations.

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