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My 12 Yr old underwt/underht daughter has Hb 6.8, platelet-3,14000 , eritrocyte-4.21 million/cmm, Monocyte-7%, lymphocyte-53% ,neutrophils- 31% , eosinophil-8% , basophil-1% ESR-35
serrum ferritin-6.42, MCV-63.5 , MCH-16.5 ,RDW- 20.4 ,Hb F 0.4%
Hb A2 2.5% .would you just run an eye over these figures and give an opinion? she used to have heavy menstrual period lasting for6/7 days almost entirely last year now it is somewhat stabilised. The test was carried out during  a fever with an upper lid stye which is now gone with linezolid. still she is feverish sometimes.

Hello Sambudha,
Warm welcome to you!
After looking at her test i would comment like this:
Since she is in her adolascence age (we call it menarche), she is prone to hormonal variations which are causing extended menstrual period(menorrhagia). This loss of blood is making her anemic. Since she is anemic she is unable to gain weight and height also have frequent fevers. The upper lid stye could be because of an infection or even could be due to her hormones. Because in this age the sebacious(oil) glands secrete more oil which could clog the tiny pores in the skin and cause it. Can not say definitively because the same stye can be caused by staphylococcus bacterial infection.

Why was she given linezolid? Did she get pneumonia or any breathing problem/cough?

So my suggestion is you dont have too worry. This is pretty common in growing childer(specially girls become anemic). Please give her iron rich foods. You can give iron supplements, vit B12 n folic acid. It will aid her in this growth period.

I hope that helps.

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.


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