I have a WIDAL test the result are as follow?
"o"antigen 1:160
"h"antigen 1:320
"AH"antigen 1:80
"BH"antigen 1:80
the doctor said i have thypoid he has given me 10 days antibioties is it seriouus problem i am 15 year old

Hello Pankaj!
Warm welcome to you!
Yes your results show you are positive for thyphoid. Anything above 1:160 is significant and if both 'o' & 'h' antigens are elevated it gives positive result for typhoid.

Coming to your question, you dont have to worry as you have been given antibiotics, you will be fit and fine within few weeks. Just make sure you take good rest and good diet. Also keep your drinking waters and eatables free from contamination. Clean and Cook food properly before eating. Try to maintain good hygiene because it can spread from person to person by contact. That should be enough. You will be healthy n shining in couple of weeks kiddo :) Anyway if your platelets are too low you may need transfusion. Your doctor will take care of it dont worry!

Take care. Have a nice day. Bye.


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