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QUESTION: Hi, I recently had anaemia from low iron levels after a poor diet 2 years ago, since then I feel my iron levels have gone up and down since I have taken iron tablets for a long time and the level has gone up however when I stopped taking them they went back down with no change of diet? blood test showed my thyroid and everything was fine. I do feel fatigue sometimes and a lot when I feel my iron has gotten lower.

I feel this article has link to my problem too http://www.wellnessresources.com/weight/articles/stunning_discoveries_regarding_

ANSWER: Hello Ali!
Warm welcome to you!
I agree the theory of Hepcidin is true. But its not the cause in your case. Because if hepcidin is increased then it will show continuous resitance to iron absorption. So even if you give iron supplements there is no improvement in iron levels. In your case when you are on iron supplements, your levels rise back and when you stop them you go back to become deficient. I think either your diet is deficient in iron or you are not absorbing iron because of too much acidity which has destroyed your stomach lining. There could be other reasons as well. It would be very  nice if you elaborate your problems and discuss with me. It will be great if you could send some recent lab reports as well. See if there is any inflammation of liver going on it will show in your liver function tests. So if you want you can get LFT done.

Hope that helps.

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QUESTION: Hi thank you for the reply, I have no recent lab results just blood tests, I would really like to know what is causing me to be so fatigued all the time and why does my iron lower randomly that I have to start eating lots in order to push it back up when in fact I eat well all the time, their is no change in diet and it still goes down? I feel like the diet I had two years ago has affected me, my cognitive function is a little different and I feel I'm lacking in muscle. should I exercise? would this help my strength and stop the fatigue? and will it help my iron level too?

Hi Ali,
if possible get some basic tests like Complete blood count, peripheral blood smear, serum iron, ferritin, transferin done. Are you having any other symptoms which you think are unrelated? Eating right is important than eating a lot. Take foods rich in iron like spinach, sapota etc. What kind of diet are you taking now?

You told you had some different diet 2 years ago? What diet was it? Why didi you follow that diet?

Cognitive function can become low due to malnutrition. But there are other several reasons to cause cognitive deficit. You can improve your muscle tone by exercising but if you dont eat right and only do exercise then it will do more harm than good. Exercise has no direct relation to improving iron level. It will improve blood circulation, oxygenation and metabolism.

Try to follow what i have recommended if possible.

Do reply.



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