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dear doctor,

my 12+ year, 40kg/140 cm daughter had severe iron def anemia Hb- 6.8 and ferritin- 6.42  on  31.05.13 but her platelet was 3.11000. She was on iron supplementation (oral) with multivitamin syrup and two months primolut-n 5 mg for stopping menstrual bleeding for the blood reserve. Her 11.07 report showed Hb 9.3,and platelet 3,66000 but SGPT 263, SGOT 157 and alkaline phosphatage 157. After withdrawal of primolut-n now she is on
trapic-mf just during the 4 days of period.
But her 7.08.13 report showed Hb 11.8 ,SGPT=SGOT=31 but platelet
reduced to 2,30000.
Can platelet count fall like this for no apparent reason or the bleeding reducing drug trapic mf is responsible ?.

thanking you

Hello Sambudha!
I think once you had mailed me before for iron deficiency anemia of your daughter. The drug norethisterone in the primlout-n is the cause for all the variation in the lab results. So dont have to worry. Below is the list of adverse reactions of norethisterone seen rarely:
Mental depression, *cholestatic jaundice(caused variation in liver function tests)*, porphyria, epilepsy, migraine, headache, breast discomfort, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, changes in libido, appetite and weight, breakthrough bleeding, changes in menstrual flow, amenorrhoea, oedema, rash, melasma or cholasma, acne, urticaria, abnormal LFTs, moodswings, insomnia, *thrombotic and thromoembolic events(caused drop in platelet count)*, optic neuritis, altered lipid profile.

Hope that helps.

Have a great day. Bye.


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