I am a 50 year old male and recently diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis.  I have two copies of the H63D mutation.  At my last blood test, my ferritin level was 589 ng/ml.  I also have tinnitus that I believe is due to the hemochromatosis since it is now long lasting with a high frequency.

My doc gave me a prescription for phlebotimies.  I am supposed to get 1 phlebotimy of 500cc every six weeks.  I am concerned that my phlebotimies are too far apart.  I read an article that each 500cc blood draw only drops the ferritin by 30 ng/ml.  I want my ferritin down to normal and I don't believe I am on a course for that.  I am a vegan so I don't eat heme iron sources.

Should I ask my doc to increase the number of phlebotimies such as one per week?

Do you know if tinnitus is linked to hemochromatosis and if it is, in your opinion will it go away once my iron levels are normal?

I would really appreciate your experienced opinion.


Hello David,
Warm welcome to you!
Yes David I think your phlebotomies are bit far apart. You can ask for more frequent phlebotomies. Sometimes in extreme cases phlebotomies can be done several times in a week. But the frequency depends on how your body is reacting to phlebotomy and how fast hemoglobin is rebounding. So I think your doctor will consider all these things and then will increase the frequency of phlebotomies. So try convincing your doctor if your body is reacting normally to phlebotomy.

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.


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