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Hematology/Hemochromatosis and macrocytosis


Have long time HC with monitoring every 6 months post menopausal- now at 314 ferritin , ongoing macrocytosis is now with hypersegmented polys  on PBS .
Mma 210 and 154
Homocysteine 8.7 and 11.2
B12 178 and 312
Parietal cell neg
Intrinsic factor neg
Mcv 105
Hct 40
RBc 3.3

Irn 134
Transferrin 217
Tibc 303
Sat 44
When does phlebotomy need to begin, what is the cause of the macrocytosis?

Hello Colleen!
Warm welcome to you!
Have you undergone phlebotomy previously? You can start with the phlebotomy now. But before starting if possible get the following tests done:
Liver Function Test
If possible liver biopsy/MRI of liver also.
If the above tests have been already done then you can go ahead with phlebotomy. If this is your first time then you may need phlebotomies as frequent as weekly or once in two weeks. But later after your ferritin level comes in normal range, as 'maintenance' phlebotomy will be done only once in 2-4 months.

Also have been facing severe anemia? If yes then your doctor may prescribe iron chelators like Exjade(Deferasirox). By the way do you have hereditary hemochromatosis or its due to frequent blood transfusions?

Thanking you!

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