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Hematology/high homogenous ANA 1:320


I am 57.  I have a history of early onset osteo-arthritis.  I have severe bone spur formation throughout my spine and my knees are bone on bone.  I get sporadic rashes and frequent itching on my back and upper arms. I had a large pericardial effusion with 1 liter of blood drained 7 months ago and  sinus inflammation leading to frequent upper respiratory infections and reactive airways.  Allergy testing has been normal.  An immunologist has suspected undifferentiated connected tissue disease/underlying autoimmune condition although blood work had not supported the dx the past two years. The immunologist said that it may take time for the condition to fully present itself. I recently had new blood work which was normal except for high homogenous ANA 1:320, low vitamin d and high compliments 4+5.

Could the high homogenous ANA 1:320 along with symptoms be consistent with either lupus or connective tissue disease?  Are other blood tests required to confirm or rule out either condition?

Could meloxicam cause the elevated ANA?

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ANA homogenous is elevated in all three conditions you mentioned (lupus, undifferentiated connective tissue disorder & rheumatoid arthritis).

complement c4 is sometimes elevated in rhematoid arthritis. But in undifferentiated connective tissue disorder total complement level goes down. And in lupus the complement 4 level is decreased.

So there are combination of blood tests/diagnostic tests through which we can confirm or rule out the conditions.

At what age your arthritis was diagnosed?

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