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Hi, I have vascular ehlers danlos syndrome, and have had a few close calls with organ prolapses and a uterine rupture hemorrhage, so on. I have had a progressing issue with what looks like whitehead pimples at firts, but the open and bleed showing black spots underneath. No drs can figure it out. After the kinda heal, it leaves a pinkish scar like- but the white bumps come right back in the pinkish scar and start all over again. Is this a part of the VEDS? or something else- whatever it is- how in the world can I make it go away. I am scarred all over my body. I have tried about everything from anti-biotics to seriously high vitamin C intake. Years ago I was a vegan and routinely "flushed" my body. My drs here have strongly discouraged this with my conditions and medical history. I must be honest , I never felt healthier than when I was living mostly naturally. What do you suggest? On one of these sites I remember seeing something about a cream or something that had "silver" in the title, but can not locate the post.  Would that help? I apologize for the jumbled thoughts, I am truly frustrated with all of this. I hope that you can help me. Sincerely, Jillianne

Hello Jillianne,
Warm welcome to you!
I think the whiteheads you are mentioning is not a symptom of VEDS. But after bleeding it leaves a scar behind is a classic symptom of VEDS. It would be much helpful if you send a picture of those whiteheads with your next mail. I recommend you having a more natural lifestyle. But what do you exactly mean by flushing? If it only means eating organic, veggies and drinking lot of water then its absolutely fine. But did you do things like colon clense etc? Because they are not suggested to be done frequently. So are you looking for a cream which clears the scars? Are you taking vit C regularly?

Thanking you!


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