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Sir I have wbc value of 69470 is it dangers .   and my spleen mildly enlorged it is 12.4 cm ,Rbc is 3.75, hemoglobin is 13 and platelet is 2.5. But I have no fever and vomiting but I could not run and even I can't walk fast. Because I feel some pain in hips and also I have pain below ribs on left side. Pls confirm is it leukemia?

Sorry for the delayed reply. I am out of station. Since wbc count is below 1 lakh this seems like leukemoid reaction. In leukemia wbc count goes above 1 lakh. Buy my advice is to do following test: Peripheral blood smear, wbc differential count. Send me the reports. The hip pain, pain below ribs is due to spleen enlargement. And fatigue is due to low rbc count.
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