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Hematology/Risk of contracting HIV or HCV


Hello, this past Friday while I was working at the hospital, I was taking some files to a department and came across a cleaning person with two carts packed with dirty linens. The space to pass though was small, so I am not sure if any part of my person touched the cart. On my way back, I noticed that one cart had what appeared to be a dried blood stain. When I got home I showered. I wiped down areas of my car that I had touched with clorox wipes (including my seat). I however did not allow the car seat to air dry because I was in a hurry. The directions in the clorox wipes says allow to air dry. The seat was still damped and touched my hair. I have a tendency to touch my hair and face a lot. My question is would I be at any risk of contracting a virus such as HIV or HCV from having the damp seat touch my hair. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Dont worry you have not been exposed to HCV or HIV. Dried blood stains in room temperature may contain viruses for upto 4-5 days. But HIV or HCV are not transferred by touching hair. Its only transferred through open wounds, blood transfer, sexual intercourse, and sometimes coming in contact with eye balls(specially HCV, during surgeries, surgeons may get exposed this way). But thats not the way in your case. Also these anti germicidal wipes kill HIV viruses within 30sec. So it doesnt matter whether you air dried or not. The virus would be killed within 30sec after coming contact with clorox wipe. So dont worry. Your are just fine.

Thanking you!


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