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QUESTION: I recently had some blood work that shows the following:

Antinuclear Ab (weak positive)

ANA titre and pattern  (1:40)

RH factor  < 20   Reference range of - IU/ml

Sed rate  6  Reference range of < mm/Hr

Please explain these results. Thank you

ANSWER: Katherine,
ANA Ab are normally tested to diagnose auto-immune disease. Since its weakly positive and rheumatoid factor is less than 20 IU/mL, ESR is normal then there is no need to worry. These are the tests done to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Sjogren's, scleroderma, autoimmune thyroiditis,Mixed connective tissue disease etc. Since the ANA titre is low, no need to worry. But please repeat the test after 1 year.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your thorough answer.

I also have a question about Red blood cell count. The following was on my blood work from 2 separate occasions:

RBC 4.92 tera/L  range: 3.8-4.8

HGB 149  Range: 120-150

Heatocrit 0.42  Range: 0.35-0.43

another blood test showed:

RBC 4.81  tera/L  range: 3.8-4.8

HGB  148   range: 120-150

Hematocrit  0.42  range 0.35-0.43

My questions, is: What can cause the RBC to be elevated? I do have low feritin levels and take iron supplements. I don't smoke and am healthy and active.

Many thanks

RBC count of 4.92 is acceptable in women. Anything between 4-5.5 is normal. Also when you are taking iron supplements, there is slight increase in production of RBCs. So slight elevation in count is observed. If you are really concerned about it get a peripheral blood smear done. Its a very cheap test and will give us a fair idea if there is anything wrong.

Thanking you!


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