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Hematology/Blood test report help?


Hello, I am a 15 yrs old girl, 65 kg, 5'6".
This was my recent blood test report (only the ones which in bold letter because perhaps they were out of range? The ranges are in the brackets on the side)-
WBC- 7.73 (10^3/uL)
PLT- 229 9 (10^3/uL) -- PLT Abn Distribution
Globulin- 3.8 (2.3-3.6 gm/dl)
I am going to meet the doctor on Monday but just need an idea of what might be wrong with me. Like what does that PLT Abn Distribution mean?
I used to have asthma and allergic bronchitis. I have chronic sinusitis, chest congestion and arrhythmia. I am feeling very weak these days and really sleepy all the time too.
So it'd be really great if you'd help me. Thanks in advance!
(sorry for my crappy English btw)

Your WBC and PLT levels are normal but why they have printed it in bold letter. Platelet abnormal distribution should not be a problem if other counts are normal.(Platelet distribution is how platelets are distributed on blood smear when observed under microscope. normally platelets are less dense than RBC. because their number in blood is less that RBCs. If they are more dense or less dense than normal then its called 'abn PLT distribution'.) Also the lab should mention what do they mean by abnormal mean. Is platelet distribution width increased or decreased, they should mention.

Also I have a doubt in reports sent by you, Why range of both WBC and PLT are same i.e. (10^3/uL). Please check your report and send correct values.

In your report only globulin is abnormal. This means there is respiratory tract infection. But no need to worry it can be easily managed by antibiotics. Do you have arrhythmia? What your doctor said about it? For me it seems to be due to asthma.

Anyway please confirm the lab reports once again for me. Or take a picture of it in mobile and send to

Thanking you!


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