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Hello.  I went to the doctor a few years ago because of dizziness.  He diagnosed me with hypoglycemia.  I still get dizzy, have low blood pressure and tire easily.   I am a healthy weight (although I have been gaining lately), do not smoke, am active, and do not drink more than 1-3 drinks per week (glass of wine here and there).  I was looking back at my lab tests and have a check-up with my new doctor soon.  Was wondering if I should have  him follow-up with my old blood test results.  They were as follows:
Glucose Fasting:  93
1Hour - 69; 2 Hour 70 and 3 hour 59.  My Insulin fasting was 6.  1 hour Insulin was 52, 2 hour insulin was 20.4 and 3 hour was 22.2.  At the time my HGB A1C was 5.2.  Any opinion on what causes low glucose in a 3 hour test and high insulin?  Wondering if I should see an endocronologist.  Thanks.

By looking at your Blood Glucose and serum insulin test results, they definitely seem abnormal. It seems like you are having hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia. People with this condition are at the risk of become diabetic in future.

This kind of exaggerated insulin response to food could be due to your diet also. So my recommendation is consult a nutritionist, exercise regularly. You may need some prescription drugs like metformin. Also you need to regularly monitor blood sugar and insulin levels. I believe an endocrinologist can best handle your case. Please tell your doctor to repeat those tests and refer you to an endocrinologist. Your A1C test is in range. Dont worry no need to repeat it now.

But since you have both hypoglycemia and hypotension, its better to get ACTH stimulation test done along with other tests.

Thanking you!


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