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QUESTION: My blood type is AB-.  My mother had six children with no blood problems, so I assume that she had positive blood though I don't know her blood type.  Does this mean that my father had negative blood type also.  I don't know but think his blood type was O.
Thank you. Both my parents are deceased.
Thelma Riggs

ANSWER: Thelma,
If your mother's blood was rh+ and you are rh- then definitely your father was rh-. But I didnt get the logic of assuming your mother was rh+ just because her children have no blood problems!rh factor has nothing to do with blood problems its just symbolises presence and absence of Rh antigen on the surface of RBCs.

If your blood group is AB- then your dad's blood cant be O group. Its either A or B.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: I had assumed that as my blood type is negative Rh factor that unless my mother's blood type was also negative they would be incompatible and would cause a serious problem with the blood. I guess this is not true?

Its possible that your mother's blood was Rh-. There wont be incompatibility if Mother is Rh+ and child is Rh-. Rh incompatibility occurs when Mother is Rh-, Father is Rh+ and child is Rh+. Then it can result into 'hemolytic disease of the newborn', n baby develops jaundice.

Thanking you!


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