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QUESTION: My platelet count was 403 last May and a recent blood test came up at 503.  I had blood test given by  rheumatologist who I went to for severe joint pain in feet and hands.   Now this dr wants me to see a hematologist because of this increase.  Needless to say I am worried.  All other numbers on my test were normal, except she is waiting for the test for arthritis.   My question is - is this something to be concerned about? Also I want to let you know that I do take between two to six advil or motrin when I have the pain and I am wondering if this medication can cause platelet numbers to go out of range.  Also, can you have numbers like I have without having an illness..  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Eileen!
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Advil or Motrin tablets do not cause any elevation in the platelet count. An increased platelet count is seen frequently in patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. So nothing to be concerned about as all other tests are within range.

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QUESTION: Hi and thank you for your reply.  The blood tests which test for arthritis came back negative as did all other tests.  Is there a simple reason why my platelets went from 400 to 500 in less than a year.  Do I have something to worry about?  Is it normal for a 100 increase without having an underlying condition and if not, what condition could you guess.   I have no other symptoms except I do have joint and muscle pains in the evening on occassion.  Can that be arthritis without having the blood test tell us.

ANSWER: Hi Eileen!
What is youre age? From how many days you are experiencing the joints and muscle pains? Any changes in mestrual cycle? Are you taking any medication? Any other symptoms than joint and muscle pain?
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QUESTION: Hello and thank you  I am 39.  I haVe been having pains for many years,  Just recently they've increased.   At times I can't bend my fingers and at times the pains in my arms is severe,  Legs issues too.,  I am active at work meaning I don't sit behind a desk.   The other night on both myhands the middle fingers hurt so bad they felt like they were broken.  Only meds I take is advil or tylenol or motrin.  There is no chance in menstrual cycle.  Thanks.

Since all your other tests are normal, and you have tested negative for arthritis, I think its probably Polymyalgia Rheumatica or chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia. You may need to take prednisone. So please discuss with your doctor in this regard.

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