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Hematology/Anaemia from low calories diet


QUESTION: Hi, around three years ago i had a very low calorie diet, having taken iron tablets this seems to have been resolved and i am eating better however i notice that even when my diet is good my iron seems to drop even when i don't need the tablets any more. why is this? also has the bad diet destroyed my body and given me anaemia forever?

ANSWER: Hello Ali,
Warm welcome to you!
Repeated iron deficiency could be due to following reasons:
Sprue/gluten enteropathy
Celiac Disease
hiatus hernia
peptic ulcers
Malabsorption etc.

Its not because of your history of bad diet. Pls send any additional symptoms you have. Also if you have any recent lab reports please send them.

Sorry for delay in replying.
Thanking you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for the reply, how can i get my doctor to find out what is wrong with me? my iron drops without any reason and it is nothing to do with my diet? what tests/ ect do I need?

I will suggest you the tests. Prior to that, can you tell me whether your doctor has done any tests before to investigate this problem? If you have any of the lab reports with you please send me. I dont want you to repeat the tests if its done before by your doctor.

Thanking you!


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