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Hematology/High blood cholesterol?



Recently got labs done to check for Cholesterol.  The results are: Total-185, Triglycerides-84, HDL-47, LDL-121 (high) and T.Chol/HDL Ratio-3.9. I am a 32 year old male, 5'7 210 lbs(white male) I do work out 3-4 days weekly being Military but I know I can do better as far as diet. My question would be is this are these numbers bad enough to need medication? What can I do to raise my HDL and lower LDL? Thanks Doctor

Hello Scot,
Warm welcome to you!
Your BMI is above 32. So please try to loose some weight. Follow a healthy diet.
In your reports, Total cholesterol is normal; Triglycerides is normal; HDL is normal; LDL is Near optimal. So by looking at these values I can say you dont need any medication right now. But can make some lifestyle modifications, which will definitely keep you healthy in future.
To reduce LDL and increase HDL level you should do following:

Maintain healthy weight, try to keep BMI within the range of 25.

Do workouts/exercises/aerobics/yoga etc

Reduce smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages

Reduce the amount of saturated fats in diet. Rather eat food which has MUFA(Mono unsaturated fatty acid)

Do not drink lot of carbonated drinks which have added sugar or artificial sweetners.

Do not eat too much processed foods as they are rich in trans fats

Eat more green leafy vegetables, fruits etc.

Drink orange juice daily.

Use more of soy products.

Thanking you!  


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