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Hematology/History of not producing neutrophils


Hello Dr. Kulkarni

My name is Brenda.  I have neutropenia and I had my spleen removed in 1972 after an accident. Here's my last labs.
Neutrophils, Absolute   2.00 - 7.80   1.20
Neutrophils   37.00 - 92.0   26.10
Lymphocytes, Absolute   4.10 - 10.90   3.10
Lymphocytes   10.00 - 58.5   65.60
Mids, Absolute   0.00 - 1.80   0.40
MIDS   0.10 - 24.00   8.30
WBC   4.10 - 10.90   4.70
RBC Count   4.20 - 6.30   3.75
Hematocrit   37.70 - 53.7   33.00
Hemoglobin   14.10 - 18.1   11.40
MCH   26.00 - 32.0   30.40
MCHC   31.00 - 36.0   34.50
MCV   80.00 - 97.0   87.90
MPV   0.00 - 99.80   9.50
Platelets   140.00 - 440   318.00
RDW   11.50 - 14.5   14.80

My doctors stated that according to my med records I've had neutropenia since 1996.  My question is if I have neutropenia and I dont have a spleen, why don't I get sick? I'm 50 and I've gotten sick with a cold 5 times and one time with the flu,  Otherwise I am well.

I have anemia and I get Iron sucrose infusion every week, because I cant tolerate Iron meds.

2nd question: are my neutrophils that bad that I need treatment to produce them?

Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you, take care and God bless. :)))

Hello Brenda,
Warm welcome to you!
After spleenectomy the patient is vaccinated to most of the pathogens which can induce a threat of sepsis. Thats why you dont get sick too often. And if a person maintains good hygiene n lifestyle, infections rarely do occur. If children go through a splenectomy they will need to take antibiotic daily. In adults antibiotics are not needed until they are sick. Its because of their acquired immunity.

What medicines you take daily? You dont need any treatment unless you have active infection.

Thanking you!


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