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Hematology/Prothrombin Gene Mutation


Hi,  I was just called for jury duty and not sure if I can sit on a jury for a long period of time.  I have prothrombin gene mutation and have had it for 9 yrs now.  I take blood thinners and I know the doctor explained to me that I shouldn't sit for long periods of time.  Should I contact my doctor for him to write me a note to get out of it?  Thank you!

Hello Becky,
Warm welcome to you!
Since you are taking blood thinning drugs, you can sit for considerably long periods of time. But to avoid risk you can do couple of things. While sitting for long hours, try to keep moving your feet up and down. It will keep your calf muscles working, thus helping in preventing blood from clotting. Also keep small stool below your feet when sitting in chair, it would raise yout feet and prevent blockage of veins in thighs. If all the above solutions do not make you comfortable, please ask your doctor to write a note describing your medical condition.

Thanking you!


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