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Hi as i have been placed on iron tablets after a poor diet i noticed that after i stopped taking the tablets after 2/3 months the iron level went down again? how long should i take the tablets for in order to not get anemia again? also i have not change in diet and my tests have returned normal including stool test

Sorry for the late reply! Had been out of station for attending a conference.
Normally iron deficiency due to lack of iron rich diet should be restored within 2-3 months of taking iron pills. And they do not recurrence of iron deficiency if a good diet maintained. Since you are telling me that all your tests are normal(I believe you did all the lab investigations I requested), I think the recurrence of iron deficiency could be due to following:

Treatment with too much aspirin or any NSAID
Chronic alcoholism
Atrophic gastritis

So please do me a favour by sending any other symptoms which you have noticed/ bothering you. Whether it seems relevant or irrelevant doesnt matter. Please do send any changes you have noticed.

Thanking you!


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