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Hematology/Reoccuring anemia and hair loss


QUESTION: Hi i had a crash diet around 4 years ago my doctor put me on iron tablets but then she told me to stop taking them after 3 months but she ignored the fact my serum ferritin was only 7 or 10 leading my iron levels to drop again and i noticed i was shedding more hairs than usual- will this hair grow back again?

also what level should i get my serum ferritin to so i can stop taking the tablets after that? because i want to get better and i am angry at my doctor for not telling me about this before

ANSWER: Hello Ali,
Warm welcome to you!
I guess you had mailed me once before also. Right?
Yes the hairs will go back once you overcome iron deficiency. You should bring ferritin level up to 80-100 ng/mL.

Did they tell you whats the cause for chronic iron deficiency? What all tests they have done?

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: it was from a poor diet, should i continue to take the tablets till my serum ferittin reaches 80 since is it like 8? my normal ferritin is 50-60.

also when can i stop taking the tablets and my iron wont go down?

If the normal ferritin range given to you by lab is 50-60 then try to keep it above 55. You can stop iron supplements on achieving 55 ng/mL. But it can not guarantee that your levels wont go down. It all depends on your diet and underlying pathology for recurrent falling of ferritin levels. I believe you have not been diagnosed properly.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Hi are you referring to my serum ferritin being 55? becuase my serum ferritin is really low it is like 8 but my hemoglobin is around 60.

since all my other tests are fine to be ths seems the only, i took the tablets for 3 months as told then exactly 3 months later it went down?

Thank you

you said in your last mail that the serum ferritin range given by your lab is 60. You hve written "should i continue to take the tablets till my serum ferittin reaches 80 since is it like 8? my normal ferritin is 50-60."

The normal internationally accepted range for ferritin 30 - 300 for males. 12-115 for females. Thats why i recommended you to atleast you should raise it upto 80-100 ng/mL so your iron level would not drop again and again.

Thanking you!


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