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Hi Dr. Kulkarni,

I was recently being evaluated for autoimmune liver disease (PBC to be specific)), luckily my ama antibody test was negative.  Because only my ALT liver enzyme was elevated, and not my ALP, my doctor is confident I don't have PBC.

My question is this, if I am ama negative now, is it possible to become ama positive years from now.  When do antibodies to specific autoimmune diseases form?  Are they there from birth...I want to make sure that my negative ama test is a permanent negative test...

Thank you!!

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It can not be said you are permanently negative for AMA. There are chances of developing AMA if you have any other autoimmune diseas. Also middle aged women are at more risk than men. So it is better to regularly check your Liver function tests. Normally they are not present at birth. As I said they develop at middle age 30-50. I recommend you to ask your doctor, to examine you for any other associated auto-immune disorder.

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