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Last two months I have been taking a blood count test in order to see if I have anemia and as I got my result I did get a confirmation on having anemia. Plus I have the news that my liver is borderline high, or whatever that may be. I have no specific information on the levels of my liver function however I am scared to know if I have a liver damage and scared of having hepatitis. I was scared if I may contracted from my boyfriend who penetrated me and stopped. I am scared to have my liver function change into something worse or the same again. I did have a little pains on my upper abdomen under my breasts and sides or back but I only felt those after hearing the result. I am paranoid of having it myself that I start checking my urine and stool and deliver these pains that I have never felt before. I tried to avoid drugs and never drink alcohol however since I got sick today, I have to drink acetamophin. I am very scared to have to blood test again that my anxiety might have affected me to have pains on my body. Is it possible that I will have hepatitis if my blood lab shows that I have my borderline high. What can I do to calm my anxiety and what else can there be a possibility that it will turn borderline high? What does it mean by the term borderline high? Please help. Thank you

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Is the upper abdomen back pain on the right side of the body? Physiologically sometimes liver function tests may vary depending upon diet. But since you have anemia and LFT is borderline high, most common reason is hepatitis. But it can be managed easily by modification in diet. You will have to take syrups containing enzymes to aid digestion. It will also reduce burden on liver. Thus giving it time to heal itself. So dont worry its not a scary condition. You dont need any medication for your anxiety if u know how easy it is to manage this condition.

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