QUESTION: I'm a 21 yr old female and for the past four months or so, my legs have been covered in bruises. I've had a few in other places, but it's generally restricted to my legs. The bruises range from small (sometimes clustered) to moderately sized and occasionally large. I will have anywhere between 20-30 bruises on my legs at any one time and I get them all over: knees, calves, back and front of my thighs.

I went to the doctors and he checked what I'm assuming was my spleen. He then said 'just to make sure' he would send me for a blood test. Liver function is fine, platelets are fine. My white blood cell count was 'slightly elevated' though. I had another test a month later and it's the same.

What could be wrong with me? The bruising is still there and just as bad as ever, but I feel perfectly fine within myself. I have no health problems besides allergies/asthma and anxiety.

ANSWER: Sarah,
Has it been there continuously? or it has on & off episodes? Triggered by eating any particular food? Please attach and send me a picture of it. Are you taking any medication? Seems to me like vasculitis. If possible please send lab report values. You may need further lab investigations.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Hi, thanks for replying.

The bruising does not appeared to be triggered by anything. It has been fairly constant since it first started. That said, I've always bruised easily, but this has no discernible cause and is to a far greater extent. I'm currently on sertraline and promethazine (as and when)

Unfortunately, I do not have the lab results, but I have attached pictures I hope are sufficient.

Your history clears you from any possibility of trauma/infection/platelet deficiency. You must be deficient in vit C. So please start taking vit C supplement immediately. Also if possible test serum vit K levels. If no improvement is seen then please contact me.

Thanking you!


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