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Hematology/low ferritin and % saturation


QUESTION: Hello, I have been unusually fatigued for months and my ferritin was 14, and % saturation, !!%. My Dr said this is in the normal range so it's OK!
I am post menopausal, so don't think it's OK at all. I had an endoscopy because of some digestive issues, but the GI Doc. said although the whole tract was inflamed,and there were some flecks of blood,  he didn't think it had anything to do with the low ferritin etc.
I eat a very good diet, exercise, don't smoke/drink etc, and am worried that I must be losing blood somewhere, which is causing the fatigue and low ferritin and serum iron (37). My Hemaglobin is normal.
I'm thinking I should get a second opinion, but don't know whether to go to a Hematologist or another GI specialist.
What do you think please? Thank you in advance:-)

Your ferritin is not normal. The lower range for ferritin is 12. Below that is considered anemia. So you are almost near that borderline. Serum iron should be above 60. That is also low. And all these are definitely related to your GI tract. There are several conditions in which inflammation of the GI tract would lead to chronic iron deficiency. It happens because of impaired absorption. Eg: Parasitic infections, sprue, diverticulitis, crhohn's disease, ulcerative colitis. Other reasons could be vit C deficiency and rarely angiodysplasia of colon. If you could send me what symptoms exactly you are facing regarding your GI tract, then I will be able to make a diagnosis for you.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Thank-you Dr.K!
I have been  experiencing heartburn after eating only a very small meal. (I have been following a gluten free-v.low sugar, no processed food, low grain/milk free /anti-inflammatory diet for 18mo, because I started to become very drowsy after eating whole grain cereal for breakfast and was found to be insulin resistant, even though my chol., trigly, BMI etc are well within range. I have a feeling of fullness; a lot of bloating and burping. Also a very noisy, gassy stomach!
Omeprazole has calmed it down somewhat , but I'm undecided as to whether I have too much/too little acid, or neither! The biopsies from the endoscopy were negative for H.Pylori, ( I was diagnosed with this 7 yrs ago)but I had been taking Omeprazole( wasn't told to stop ahead of time), so am wondering whether this gave a false negative? I don't know what to do for the best, but I know something is definitely not right!
Thank-you for your kind help.

You probable had hyperacidity and peptic ulcer. Nothing to worry about. Continue with the omeprazole only. Please keep in mind that eating too less or fasting too much can also cause hyperacidity, gas and ulcer. Eat slowly to reduce swallowing air. Night before going to bed take ranitidine 150mg. Continue this for 1 month. If possible take a single dose of 400 mg albendazole tomorrow with food.

Thanking you!


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