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Hello.  Not sure if you can help or not.  I am a 40 year old female of a healthy weight who went to a Chiari neurosurgeon to give me an opinion on my  Chiari Malformation that was found in a brain scan I had for my cervical stenosis  (they wanted to rule out MS).  He ordered a micronutrient test.  He doesn't go over results, but orders it for our FP physician.  Just moved and don't have one yet.  The results are showing functional deficiencies in the following nutrients:  Vitamin B3, Insulin, Vitamin B12, Serine (extremely low), Zinc, Oleic Acid, Glutathione (extremely low), and a Fructose Sensitivity.  Should I see a specialist to address these levels?  And which one should I see?  I'm not sure if I should be concerned and seek out help with a specialist. Thanks!

You dont need to visit any specialist to adress these deficiencies. Your family physician can guide you and will advice supplements to be taken. If you want further assistance then you can visit certified nutritionist. But I still think your family doctor will be well infromed than nutritionist.

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