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Hematology/strange, momentary vein inflammation in right arm.



I am writing because I am concerned about a phenomenon that has been occurring quite a bit over the last few months. When I am doing activity with my right arm, especially writing over my desk and cooking with a pan over the stove, the arm seems to fall asleep (not at the intensity of when you sit on it, more mild, somewhat feels like when the band is on the arm during a blood test), and the veins on the bottom of my forearm from wrist to elbow will swell up and bulge a lot. Upon shaking the arm and moving it around it leaves but it's been occurring often enough for me to be concerned. I am an 18 year old male, in perfectly good health and weight, and my blood pressure is perfectly normal (I go to the doctor every 6 months), and all my blood work is normal (except bilirubin is high but my doctor told me it's just Gilbert's syndrome). It should be noted that I have a congenital radial head dislocation in that arm, so the radial head sticks out of my elbow area and the nerves and vessels and muscles have developed to accommodate for the dislocation. I don't know if it's possible that it is associated with that. Other than that the only thing I can think of is superficial thrombosis or phlebitis. I am worried to get a blood clot which is why I'm asking if I should go to my doctor or not.

Thank you!

Definitely you should visit your doctor. This doesnt seem to be related to congenital radial head dislocation. As you suspected it could be thrombosis in axillary vein/cephalic vein/basilic vein. It needs to be confirmed after lab tests only. So please contact your family doctor.

Thanking you!


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