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Hematology/Sex of the child in womb


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Respected Dr.Shrinidhi Kulkarni, my question is somewhat related to the field of embryology. However, my question is about the technology of x-rays and ultrasound machines that doctors use daily when it comes to knowing the sex of the fully formed baby in the womb of mother. We know that technology and medical equipments are much advanced now. Nowadays doctors use x-ray machines and ultrasound machines to find out the sex of the child in the mother's womb. However, is it possible that despite having such advanced technology, these equipments can still be wrong when it comes to knowing the sex of the child in the womb? Are there occasions where x-ray and ultrasound machines showed that the baby in the womb is a male; however, after giving birth, people came to know that x-rays and ultrasound machines were wrong, and the child is a female? Are these equipments really 100% accurate when it comes to knowing the sex of the child in the mother's womb, or can they be wrong?


Yes the imaging technologies have become very advanced. They are 100% accurate. But you have to understand, all these machines generate images which are ultimately interpreted by a human called 'doctor' only. So even though the medical imaging techniques have improved, the person who is interpreting the images may give you wrong interpretations/impressions if he lacks expertise. Also in some medical coditions the genitalia may appear ambguous on ultrasounds.

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