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Hi Doctor thank you in advanced for reading my question, a week ago I found out a big perfectly circle bruise in the back of my right leg, I don't know how did I got it, for some reason I have always bruise easily in my rigth leg, but I have never seen anything this big, rather than that I don't have any symptoms, I feel very good and have a lot of energy. I had a physical done, a month ago,  including Cbc and everything was ok, with the exception of vitamin d, the one you get from the sun, I was asked to take suplements for that. I am obviously scared of some form of leukemia, but can leukemia progress that fast when Everything was clean a month ago. I made an appointment with my primary physician just in case, for your information I am a 34 years old female

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Leukaemia doesnt develop or set in so rapidly. May be your bruises are due to allergic vasculitis or vit c deficiency. If possible you can repeat CBC for confirmation. If the bruises keep appearing then we can go for further studies like skin biopsy. ANA antibodies etc.

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