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Hematology/Iron deficiency that does not get better with iron


Hello, and thank you for your time. For many years I was told I have an iron deficiency (since a young child). However, iron pills did not improve my levels. I am also immune deficient (primary immunodeficiency).

My last bloodwork shows

Hemoglobin 10.9 Low
MCV 77 Low
MCH 23.6 Low
RDW-CV 16.8 High
Iron 33 Low
UIBC 307 High

Would there be a reason that my levels are like this even with iron pills and eating high iron foods? I wasn't sure if I should see a hematologist. I am very fatigued all the time

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

Patients with primary immunodeficiency have malabsorption of nutrients. So taking iron pills is not suggestible. The iron should enter your blood bypassing your gut. This can be done by IM or IV routes. Ask your doctor IM injections of iron. To rapidly correct the deficiency. You may need to take these often n regularly even after correction of the iron levels. You dont need to visit any heamatologist, your physician can give you iron injections.

Hope you recover soon!
Thanking you!


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