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For quite some time now, I have been experiencing a pins and needles/tightness and pain in my lower right calf (right above the ankle)with some swelling, though not a lot and it is rarely hot to the touch - the sensation never eases.  Lately, it has advanced up my leg and is now up to my thigh.  Walking, or resting it makes no appreciable difference.  
Are PAD symptoms like this?    I have read abit about PAD, and while some of the symptoms described I seem to have, I didn't want to jump to any conclusions.



Sorry for late reply. I was out of station.
Are your feet cold or numb? Any difficulty in walking? What is your preofession? Do you stand for long duration? I dont think it is peripheral arterial disease. I think its probably varicose veins(deep vein thrombosis) or Achilles tendonitis. Anyway please reply to my questions. Then I will guide you further.

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