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I am taking plaquenil for UCTD. My sed rate and C-reactive protein are now normal. My homogeneous ANA went from 1/320 prior to taking plaquenil to 1/160. My SS DNA, complement 4 continue to be elevated. The past month. I have had joint/muscle pain throughout the day without sweeling or warmth. At times, when driving, the muscles in my thighs feel fatigued and achy. Could this mean that I am moving from UCTD to a mre defined disease?

Yes, development of new symptoms may give us more clear picture. If symptoms co-relate to a particular connective tissue disease then we can say UCTD is turning into a more defined connective tissue disease! If full symptoms do not develop, then we have to consider it as UCTD only. Other than joint pains you have no other symptoms? Is it only one joint or multiple joints?

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