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Hi doctor..
this is babashet.
my wuld be age is 28. She is having hemoglobin level 9.5.
Her mother is 50 age ans she is detected sickle cell 2yes back.
noe my doubt is....
is her hemoglobin level will create problem during pregnancy?
aftr some year her heart abd kedney will fail becos she has low level of hemoglobin?
any othr challebges i need to face after marraige regarding her health due to low level of hemoglobin?

Thank you doctor.

Dont worry her hemoglobin levels can be corrected by giving her supplements. Your wouldbe's father also has sickle cell or only mother has?
Anyway dont worry plese take your wouldbe to a lab and get the following tests done:
Peripheral blood smear
Serum Bilirubin(both direct and indirect)

Most of the sickle cell patients lead healthy life so even if she has sickle cell trait from mother, you dont have to be much concerned about it. But I recommend you to get the tests done and send me the reports before going ahead with marriage.

Thanking you!

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