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Hello Doctor, I know that you are in India, but this question pertains to blood testing within the United States. Hopefully you may still be knowledgeable with this.
When a person has their blood drawn by a doctor or hospital for any reason (migraine, injury, flu, infection, general health etc) is the blood automatically tested for HIV/AIDS?
I know that most routine blood tests include a white and red blood cell count. These numbers will be alarmingly bad in persons with "full-blown AIDS", but would these blood cell counts be alarming in a person with HIV too?

No. Testing blood for HIV/AIDS is not done routinely. Its done only if its requested by the doctor(Its done routinely if patient is undergoing any surgical procedure). But WBC differential which is done very routinely gives fair idea if patient is suffering from immuno-deficiency. Then ELISA and PCR tests are ordered by doctor. Blood picture in HIV patient is also evident and alarming unless its in incubation period. The incubation period depends on the person's constitution. In some people the disease progression is fast and symptoms show up in 3-6 months. In some patients it may take years.

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