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I received my bloodwork results nad have several issues with what I am reading.  My TSH is low, but my T4 is normal.  My Serum Ferritin has dropped ro 10ng and Hemoglobin to 9.8.  Along with chronic low platelets of 97x10E3/ul.  and finally my Serum Iron is low at 24 ug/dl.

all other indicators are normal. cholesterol, A1C etc...I have normal colored sttols and dont beleive there is any internal bleeding, but am concerned with the low counts and platetlets.  Are the other tests I hsuld be asking for?

Please test following:
Antithyroid antibodies (Antithyroglobulin antibodies & Antithyroid microsomal antibodies)
Peripheral Blood smear
Serum Vit D
Serum Calcium

You need immediate pharmacological intervention to correct the iron deficiency anemia. You may either take OTC supplements or ask your doctor to prescribe iron n folic acid supplements. But before that its better to get the above tests done.

Thanking you!

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