Dear Dr,I am a 65 yr old male who is generally fit with MILD HTN,Lipid condition,subclinical hypothyroidism,renal insufficiency (stable S.creatine 1.5) etc for which I am under medical observation and treatment.Of late my Hb count has been steadily increasing.It was 15.4  in 2009 and 16.4 latest.A glass of fresh fruit juice regularly  is the only food habit change I introduced during this period.I read some where that 'haemoglobin should be between 12 15 g/dl, higher than that creates a conducive environment for cancer cells growth' Is there any cause for concern and how to reduce Hb level to around 15 ? Thanks !

For males Hb of 16.4 is not a matter of concern. If only Hb is high and all other tests are normal then there is no need to worry. If it elevates further then I will order some tests for you. For now its nothing to worry about. Even dehydration during summer can give high hemoglobin count. And its a myth that high Hb count is favourable for cancer. Cancers are due to genetic defect. And high Hb level doesnt change the genes you have received from your parents. So dont worry at all. Try deep breathing exercises. it may reduce it a little bit. Because if lungs are not supplying enough oxygen Hb gets elevated.

Thanking you!

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