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Hematology/Abnormal Urinalysis Results



I am a concerned parent of a 4 yr old girl who's had 3 UTI's in the past 14 months. I received her urinalysis results and am very concerned.
I will post what was abnormal:
WBC Esterase  1+
Protein       2+
Occult Blood  1+
WBC          >30
RBC          11-30
Mucus Threads present
Bacteria      Few
Everything else seemed normal.
She's on day 9 of her antibiotics and still complains when urinating just not as much as before. I thought she wouldn't have any discomfort since she's almost done with her medicine.

Other than routine urine analysis, did they perform urnine culture to isolate and identify the bacteria? Some bacteria have resistance to certain antibiotics. Can you tell me what medicine she has been given? It may take a couple of weeks for the urinary tract epithelium to heal itself even after completion of antibiotic course. But if she continues to complain about pain during urinating, its better to get abdominal ultrasound done.  Recurrent UTI can be due to poor hygiene or too much hygiene. If one bathes for too long in bath tubs, or uses strong soaps, it will kill the natural colonies of bateria in out urinary tract. These bacteria are friendly to the host and they protect our body by preventing colonisation of other infective bacteria. So some times people who take bath for long duration to maintain good hygiene end up getting recurrent UTI. Anyway please send any other reports if you have. If it doesnt resolve, urine culture and abdominal ultrasound will give us a clear picture.

Thanking you!

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