LFT report
LFT report  
These are the reports of my father of LFT test. He has Bilirubin Total = 6.5
Bilirubin direct = 5.6
Al-T (SGPT) = 230
Alk phos = 1114
Gamma GT = 728
I want to ask that from which type of hepatitis is he suffering? Is it A, B or C? How to identify? Can you tell me from these reports that which hepatitis is it? Or will it need further test to identify the type? He is suffering from abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, having darker urine, and skin colour is also a little yellowish. Image of LFT report is attached

M. Jahanzaib,
The tests only show that your father has hepatitis.
To confirm which type of hepatitis you need following tests:
Hepatitis C serology profile
Hepatitis A serology profile

But even befor test results come, treatment can be initiated. So dont worry.

Thanking you!


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