QUESTION: plz reply to me sir ...........how hepatits a b c transmit.........by sitting and touching will it spread ??? who sh'ld get vaccine for that ??? im now 22 can i get vaccine for that

It could get transmitted by touch if that person has saliva or tears or blood(wound) on his hand. So should be very careful. Other common route of transmission is through feces. So after going to toilet should wash hands thoroughly. If Hepatitis patient is not clean and cooks foods, then it can transmit through foods also. This normally happens in indian restaurants/hotels. Also if drainage of homes gets mixed with drinking water source then it will contaminate it. Everybody should get Hepatitis vaccine. You can get vaccine and you should get vaccine. Age doesnt matter for Hepatitis vaccine.

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QUESTION: till now i did not participated in sex with anyone .........still i need that vaccine ??? recently i went hospital .they noticed that i had fatty liver by ct scan ,then by blood test hbsag it came neagative.......is any harm to me?

Yes though you have not done coitus with anyone yet, still you need to take vaccine. Its hepatitis can be transmitted by other routes than sexual intercourse. So hepatitis vaccines are must for everybody.

Fatty liver is a major issue. It means your liver is becoming weak. So you need to get some tests done and diagnose why you have fatty liver. Fatty liver is present in many other diseases other than hepatitis.

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