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I'm a male, 35, and haven't been to the doctor in about ten years. I recently went and they did a CBC.  I've reviewed the results and my lymphocytes are listed as low.  I'm at 600 and it says the acceptable range is 850 to 4900.  My other numbers including my WBC are all within the correct range.  There are no ranges listed on my CBC for the percentages of lymphocytes etc as it just says "Not Established" under the range part but my lymphocytes is listed at 10%.

My questions - is 600 and/or 10% considered low and a problem since at least the 600 is out of the range?

Thank you.

After some infections like viral, we may see a low lymphocyte count. If you have no symptoms then nothing to worry about. My suggestion is repeat it after 3 months. If it remains low then we can test further. Do you take any medicines regularly? Your blood pressure is normal?

Thanking you!


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