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QUESTION: Dear Dr Kukarni,I need to pose this question to a doctor who is a expert on the liver/and or a expert on hormones(Hepatologist/Endocrinologist/Internal Medicine doctor/etc). Is the hormone Lipasin(which is produced in the liver), and Lipase the same hormone? In other words is Lipase another name for Lipasin? I have researched on google to research this on my on, and I am not able to get a answer to that question.  I also want to know how(after I know if they are one in the same),how to elevate lipasin levels(if possible) and can the hormone Lipasin be obtained(If you know). Thank you.

ANSWER: Elbert vaughn,
Sorry for the delay in answering your question. First of all though lipasin is a peptide hormone it doesnt come under endocrinology, it comes under the domain of gastroenterology. Lipasin n lipase are two different molecules. Lipasin is a local hormone n lipase is an enzyme. In fact lipasin inhibits production of lipase. Obesity promotes lipasin production n starvation reduces it. Lipasin is not available for therapeutic uses in pharmacy. You may find it in pharmaceutical laboratory. They extract it from mice.
Thanking you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your reply Dr Kukarni. NO need to apologize just glad you replied. Dr Kukarni, you are saying that there is no way(that you know of) besides becoming obese for that hormone lipasin to be elevated in humans, because there are no human lipasin to obtain correct(only for mice)?. Is that correct sir. Sir, I would also like to know do you have expertise in gastroenterology? I will follow your suggestion.I will do my best to contact a gastroenterologist without having to make a appointment(to speak to about this hormone)............Dr Kukarnni, if there is a way that average common day folk who are diabetic(I am a type 2 diabetic) can find out a way to elevate that hormone it will cause type 2 diabetes to go into remission(cured type 2 diabetes as long as you can stimulate your liver to produce more of that hormone). It is a revolutionary breaktrhough that will never be approved by the fDA, because it literally cures type 2 diabetes. Dr Kukarnni,I am not a conspiratorialist  but when you have a chronic degenerative disease you are a customer to the health care system, therefore the Fda would never approve something like this as a treamtment for type 2 diabetes. Only drugs that will manage your disease so more money can be made for the health industry. I am a victim of this, and you as a doctor are also a victim as well(because you can only prescribe what is approved by the fda) Scientist haved workded on this for years, and gave their findings, and as usual with these revolutionary breatkthroughs on diabetes(or any treatment on any chronic degenerative disease that can potentially can cure or cause a disease to go into remission)come to light, the scientist will at the end of the day have to recant their findings,and say that there research and findings were flawed,and the public will soon forget the discovery,and the drug/therapy would never be approved as a treatment. Which has happened(the scientist have recanted their findings. Even saying that the hormone does not replicate beta cells in mice when they showed images of a mouse's pancreas producing new beta cells(the new beta cells show up as bright dots on a imaging scan when they replicate in the pancrea's(you will see this yourself in the link I will provide you at the end of this message) They were  pressured to recant their findings  by the FDA(not because some other scientist disagreed with their findings which is the story given by them(my opinion) Any time scientist put their name(stand by their findings) and face(they are on video) making assertions as they did, then there has to be something to it.
Even though they recanted their findings(as I said, this happens everytime these revolutionary breakthroughs become public). The only difference this time is that this hormone/petptide/protein can be obtained as you mentioned.  This hormone/peptide/protein can be obtained from research laboratories that sell it to other research laboratories/universities/researchers/doctors/scientist etc. There are several on the internet that sell this peptide/protein/hormone to other research laboratories. The only problem is that the research laboratories that sell this protein/peptide/hormone cost #300.00 plus(USD)for so many micrograms of this protein/peptide/hormone that average common day folk cannot afford . and you also when purchasing this protein/hormone/peptide have to give proof that you are licensed as a doctor/researcher/scientist etc, before they will sell you this hormone/protein/peptide.............Basically Dr Kukarni, through research over many years(from these 2 scientist) when insulin production is inhibited or when a woman becomes pregnant this hormone becomes elevated, and when it is elevated in the blood stream it causes beta cells in the pancrea's to regenerate or replicate. When a woman is pregnant there is of course extra weight, extra carbohydrates, and another food source needs to be accommodated(the child) this hormone is elevated that will accommodate the extra weight,and extra carbohydrate intake. It causes the pancrease to produce more beta cells(which I am sure you know is responsible for producing insulin). The scientist call this new protein/pepetide/ betatrophin(which is either a way of stimulating the pancreas to produce more lipasin or is the lipasin hormone itself). If you are interested, all you have to do is google lipasin/betatrophin curing type 2 diabetes. If you do, you will see many links. A lot of them have been pulled off of the internet already(this is how you know it works), and of course i am sure you know that it is against the law for anyone(doctor/scientist/citizen) to say anything cures anything unless the FDA says it does. If someone continues making that assertion you can at the very least lose your license if you are a doctor or scientist,and if you continue making that assertion even be jailed. The reason why this is a virtual cure for diabetes is, because I am a member of many diabetic groups,and one member of one of the groups I am a member of(A reseracher  who worked at a university in Switzerland(who himself is a type 2 diabetic) was able to have access to this hormone/protein/peptide. He administered this hormone/protein/peptide to himself, and he as far as his medical reports indicate is free of diabetes(normal a1c, normal c-peptide test, normal glucose tolerance test). He has been that way for 5 months now. He posted his medical records to the diabetic group that I, and he are members of. Millions of diabetics I am sure know about this discovery, but we are not able to have access to this hormone. As I said sir, if you are interested and have some time you can google Lipasin and or betathropin curing type 2 diabetes knowing that what you read will be mimimized, because again it is against the law here in the U.S to say anything cures anything without fda saying so. I will give you a link where the scientist comment on their findings, and explains what elevated lipasin does, and how they came to discover that this hormone could cause beta cells to replicate(there finding are based on clinical trials with mice). Science has been trying for at least a decade trying to get stem cells to do what this hormone(when elevated does). Dr Kukarni, I am composing all of this to impress on you how important this discovery is. It will never be approved by the FDA, but I and a lot of diabetics have this knowledge of what this hormone when elevated can do, but no one can get access to it(without either being a doctor/scientist/researcher) and even if average common day folk could have access to this hormone,and purchase it who could afford it. I just hope,and pray that there is another way to elevate this hormone. I am hoping that you could share any additional options of obtaining this hormone(if you have any) that can lead me to the knowledge of being able to do this. I know you have given me a suggestion to getin touch with a gastroenterologist, but I am asking you to go the extra mile((Maybe ask some of your fellow doctors or maybe you know of researchers/scientist who could give their opinion about this hormone that can lead me to somehow contacting or leading me to find the knowledge of how to elevate this hormone some other way). I will do as you suggested and contact a doctor that has expertise in gastroenterlology, any other suggestions or energies that require for you to come up with any additional suggestions I beg for you to look into other possiblilites. Because this is basically the cure for type 2 diabetes. Here is one of many links about what this hormone can do when elevated . On this link you will have the scientist vouch for their findings(with mice) and tells how they came about discovering that Lipasin when elevated causes beta cells to replicate.  When you view this link, Again please keep in mind, that no one can say anything cures anything without the FDA saying it can. As I said it works(one of the group members posted his medical records that proves it). AS I pointed out earlier in this message doctors/scientist/ here in America(I don't know if you are from america or not) can be stripped of their license(or even jailed) if they say anything is a cure.  Lastly the pharmecutical company(their websites) that did the clinical trials,and also vouched for these scientist findings(with the mice), have been taken off the internet(as I am sure all of these weblinks will be done to eventually). Some of the abstracts on pubmed also have been taken off the internet that vouch for the findings.. I knew that would happen. That is why I have saved all links I have come across on the internet about lipasin as a potential cure for type 2 diabetes, I saved to a external hard drive anticipating this(happens every time something like this becomes known to the public). Please if you have any other referrals or any other suggestions that you think may be helpful(maybe other doctors in other fields who have some expertise with lipasin). Please share it with me. Dr Kukarni, this is the cure for type 2 diabetes. Please do all you can(if you haven't already) to give me any advice that you have not shared with me already(that may be another option) to help me contact other doctors/scientist etc(I will as I mentioned try my best to contact a gastroenterologist without making a appointment to see one). Again, thank you for your time. Here is the link(one of many) that speaks about this hormone. It has a video on it. The scientist themselves speak on their finding on this video:   Thank you.

You have presented a valid concern. I will try my best to draw attention of my fellow endocrinologists in this regard. But to be honest being in india we cant change laws of FDA or even try to influence its decisions. And we medical professionals have no power to stop the lobbies being done in drug authories by powerful businessmen, politicians and pharmaceutical companies. Atleast this is TRUE in my country.

Thanking you!


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