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QUESTION: My WBC count goes up and down. Years ago I had a bone marrow biopsy done. The results were genetic mutation. Lately I've been bruising a lot more. My WBC has been down on the last 3 reports. I also feel tired. Added to this, I am under a lot of stress. Can stress affect my WBC? Should I go see a specialist again? The WBC count is done in my regular 3 month blood draw for my thyroid. I have Hashimoto's.

ANSWER: Victoria,
Can you please send any lab reports if you have them? Can you specify what genetic mutation you have? You told wbc goes up and down. I want to know the values. It will give me a clearer picture. Whats the maximum elevated level it has reached till now? Easy bruising and low wbc count is little concerning. Is there rash along with bruises? Stress doesnt have major effect on wbc unless there is hormonal problems like addisson's disease. Do you find it difficult to handle stressful situations? Is there any recent weight loss? Do you fall sick often(like frequent cold/URI? Whats your age? Any habits like drinking/smoking? Any medicines you take regularly? Please answer my questions. I will suggest you what to do further and which specialist you have to consult.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: The genetic mutation diagnosis was all they told me. They said it had to be sent to a special lab in Arizona. The Dr told me I was normally abnormal. That was about 9 or 10 yrs ago. I am 58 yrs old. I get infections around my fingernails VERY easily. I have lost 4 pounds in 3 months. I have changed to a mostly vegan diet as my husband has NASH. No smoking or drinking. I take 100 mcg levothyroxine 6 days/week.
WBC COUNT 3.8X 10*3 L 4.5-11.0,
WBC COUNT 3.52X 10*3/UL L 4.50-10.00
WBC COUNT 4.19X 10*3/UL L 4.50-10.00

Since you have been developing bruises lately its recommended to consult nearby heamatologist and also get ANA antibodies tested. You may need screening for anemia(folic acid/iron deficiency) along with tests like clotting time, bleeding time, clotting factors, PT/INR etc. Your problem may be due to simply folic acid/iron deficiency. But its recommended to consult your heamatologist and get the tests done. Recurrent nailbed infections(paronychia) could be work/habit related. I dont see any connection between low WBC count and recurrent paronychia. Neither its connected with your hashimotos. Anyway if you need any further assistance please feel free to contact me. Sorry for the delay in reply. Couldnt reply as it was weekend.

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