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Hematology/Plastic surgery of Thumb.


Dear Dr Kulkarni

Do plastic surgery can change Thumb Impressions?
In case yes,do you feel this can create security flaw in crimes detection?


Yes finger prints can be changed by many means like burns, acid corrosion, chewing fingers, knife, cigarette burns and even plastic surgery. It has been already used by many criminals to fool law enforcement agencies. Many get it done by fake medical practitioners/surgeons in some countries. But such attempt could be very dangerous. The unskilled medical professionals could make the post operative life hell due to infectios/inflammation, graft or transplant rejections and could even lead to death. But the latest technologies in forensic medicine makes it difficult to get away with such finger print alterations. They can identify it even if its been altered because the arrangement of collagen fibers in the skin of these tip areas are unique to a person and it can not be changed by plastic surgery/grafting. As for my knowledge goes FBI uses automatic mutilated finger print detector to identify illegal immigrants.

Thanking you!


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