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Bob Wyman wrote at 2009-11-03 04:33:24
Jimi was asked about his rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and how many thought it was demeaning by Dick Cavett. (At the time the U.S. was polarized in so many aspects that hatred and violence thrived. You could be killed for having long hair) Jimi stated he thought his rendition of the anthem "was beautiful". Remember he was in the 101st Airborne of the US Army. He also was not dark and moody as has been portrayed but kind, humorous and accessible. There has not been a guitarist since that can approach the power with which Jimi played. I stood just feet away from him while he played in Denver June 29 1969.

nick wrote at 2013-02-20 13:56:29

In interviews I've heard several people who knew Jimi pesonally say that he was a huge Dylan fan Chas Chandler states in the 'Classic Albums' TV Show on the making of Electric LadyLand that Jimi regularly carried a book of Dylan lyrics in his flight bag. And of course there are his stunning covers of 'All Along the Watch Tower' and 'Like a Rolling Stone', less well known is his cover of 'Drifter's Escape'.  

Hendrix, Jimi

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