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Anita Hartnagel wrote at 2012-10-26 12:13:07
It was quite a trip to see the "photos and gig" website. My husband and I went on our first date to see this concert.  It was Sunday, January 19, 1969.  The site says there were 5000 people there but the Stuttgarter Beethovensaal Liederhalle was smaller than that.  We were on about the 15th row and what a sight.  The photo of him holding up his finger to his lips was to quiet a girl who kept yelling his name at the top of her lungs.  He finally stopped everything and asked her if she came to hear him or herself. When he played the National Anthem all the Americans stood up.  He was not impressed and told us all to sit back down.  We each bought one of those posters but left them when we moved to the US.  It makes me sick.  I just purchased one of the copies to give to my grandson.  We've been married 43 years now and it's still such a thrill to tell someone our first date was to see The Jimmy Hendrix in such a small venue.  We had no idea at the time what an honor it was we just knew wed seen a great show.

Hendrix, Jimi

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